Hajj Packages 2018

Hotel in Makkah 3*
Hotel in Madinah 4* 4*
Meals at Hotels Breakfast & Lunch Breakfast & Lunch
Dist. of Hotel in Makkah 400m
Dist. of Hotel in Madinah 100m 100m
Double room availability
Stay in Aziziyyah
Access to Aziziyyah during Hajj days
Prices From £tbc £tbc
Total Length of Package (days) 15 21
Working Days (leave required) 10 15

Why Aziziyyah?

We include accommodation in Aziziyyah to make our packages affordable. Makkah hotels skyrocket just before and during the days of Hajj. A stay in Aziziyyah means reduced package costs for pilgrims. For more information watch this video.


What pilgrims thought about their Aziziyyah stay